HEMS Technology is a manufacturer of home automation wireless networked products with an emphasis on home energy management and home healthcare monitoring. Our fixed home networks, both HEMSmart™ and HEMSCare™, are 900 MHZ Mesh based and 2.4GHZ based technology for improved reliability and robustness. The company was developed as a response to the need within the utility industry (water, gas, and electric) for fixed networks that worked as Automated Meter Reading (AMR) products. The company has since evolved its business model towards electric energy management instead of AMR. HEMS Technology is a C Corporation chartered on March of 2005 within the state of Texas under the name of Multi-Housing Automated Networks, Inc. The company was renamed to its present title to better delineate its vision.

The company was started in January of 2004 and two years were spent developing the prototype product designs for AMR. Management decided to emphasize one particular product line, which was at that time called the R-Control radio unit. The R-Control evolved into the HEMS 220 appliance energy usage monitor. Additionally, the network radio was redesigned to incorporate new HEMS-TXR™ technology through a joint effort with the Renesas and Semtech. The company has since added the ZigBee™ radio modules for those clients needing a ZigBee™ based solution.

HEMS Technology was recognized by the DFW Life Science & Technology Fusion Forum for its innovative use of technology for telehealth/telemedicine industry.
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