HEMS Technology uses it own proprietary protocol based radio chip as its fundamental communications network architecture. The chip is incorporated into the HEMS-TXR™ and HEMS-TXE™ radio modules for both short range and long range options. Both radios utilize a 900MHZ FHSS protocol for mesh network communications.
For ZigBee™ compliant platforms, HEMS Technology has partnered with Microchip by providing their HAP and SEP solution.

The smartACsockets™ mesh network has power control, power cutoff, and power usage sensing as normal built in functions (tracks true rms power over time). Additionally, the HEMSPlug 2000™ node control gateway incorporates Demand Response (DR) capabilities for applying Time of Use (TOU) /Time of Day (TOD) rates, cost of electricity in dollars and cents, averages daily and monthly for costs and kWh used, three-level pricing scheme incorporates volume pricing (TOD and TIER), and the flexibility to expand the network up to 65,000 wall units (sensor and control) per node. Diagnostics features include logging power failures or surges, phantom loads, or appliance energy efficiency.

HEMS Technology’s smartACsockets™ radio mesh networks provide other unique features not found in competitor systems:

(1) It has USER-ABILITY. Our system is true “plug and play” approach requiring little to no technical knowledge for installing and maintaining the system.

(2) It has a high percent RELIABILITY. Our system is “self-healing” (automatically seeks an alternative signal route) thus ensuring critical data will get to the HEMS-2000™ or home PC without additional expensive repeaters or on-site technical support.

(3) Our system is has SCALABILITY. Our system is easily expandable as new sensors or controls are needed without having to re-engineer the entire system.

(4) Lastly, it has ADAPTIBILITY. Our system adapts to the environment automatically eliminating installation errors and minimizing engineering expert support. As the environment changes due to in home additions or building changes, our network adjusts to accommodate those changes.